About Us

Groovit started in 2006 with just 2 small classes and has grown to be a well-known and respected dance school. Groovit now offers several classes to a range of age brackets plus abilities and often has a waiting list of eager students hoping to join the exclusive classes. Groovit is the only dance school in the Franklin area offering classes specialising solely in Hip-Hop dance....

Our Crew



Caitlin is one of our longest standing members here at Groovit and is one of our most experienced Instructors. Caitlin teaches all ages from pre-schoolers to adults, she also teaches in Primary Schools & Intermediate delivering our Hip-Hop programme. Caitlin has performed & competed with the well-known crew “Ambush” who have competed Internationally several times with the most recent being at Dancer’s Paradise based in Mexico. Caitlin spends a lot of time out with our Waiuku classe’s but you will be sure to see her at the Pukekohe Studio on Fridays. Caitlin this year is taking the one of the Elite Junior crews HYPE an all-girl crew this year, she has a great way with her students and they all adore her.



Abbey is one of our newest instructors, this is her second year teaching but she has been a member of the Groovit family for over a decade & she has been a competitive member of many of Groovits Elite Crews. Abbey is a bubbly young instructor that teaches some of our Monday classes at Groovit from Mini Peeps to Stylee steps. Abbey has always loved to dance & now she combines it with teaching! Abbey is currently busy balancing her new University life.



Alice is one of our new Instructors this year to the Groovit family taking one of our Stylee Steps classes. Alice has been dancing at Groovit for an incredibly long time, Alice has danced in both Ka-Motion as a Junior & Kurfew as s Varsity dancer as well as been a Student Instructor for many of years. Alice is an absolute natural when it comes to teaching and dancing, she is a young, energetic passionate Instructor. Alice is currently training with Auckland based Studio “Identity Dance Company” dancing in Yung ID, we are super excited to see what Alice has instore for all of her students.

Amber - Lee

Amber-Lee started at Groovit as a student back in 2010. Since then she has gone on to perform with junior crew “The Giants”, Varsity all girls crew “Masque” and mega crew “Yung ID” at IDCO. Amber-lee has competed at an International level on multiple occasions. Amber-Lee is a kind, caring, thoughtful Instructor & is a pleasure to be around. She is excited to be a part of the Groovit team for the third year & we look forward to her sharing her passion and knowledge to our Students.



Ben is our Wednesday Instructor for Street Bops #2, Beat Squad #2 & our all boys crew Dudez,. Ben has been a longstanding member here at Groovit as a dancer and Instructor & is an ex-member of the well-known all boy crew Swagganauts from IDCO. During 2019 Ben competed with Swagganauts at the world HHI championships and received a gold medal in the Varsity Division. Groovit has seen Ben work hard over the years and we are lucky to have him as an Instructor, he has an awesome attitude, great dance skills and some major swag.



Danni is one of our Instructors based in Waiuku, this is her second year teaching at Groovit. Danni teaches on Monday one of our Mini Peeps class & this year Phunky Feet. Danni she’s danced her way through almost all of Groovits Elite Crews, competed in Australia with Ka-Motion, danced in Kurfew for a couple of years & then last year with the A-SAP Varsity Crew, she is also heavily involved with Waiuku’s Theatre group. Danni is full of energy and has an amazing way with her students, we can’t wait to see what another year has instore for her.



Dee has been a part of the Groovit family for an incredibly long time. She’s danced her way through nearly every elite crew Groovit has had, DeArde has also competed with the well-known west Auckland crew Ambush, she traveled to the Netherlands to compete at HHU managing to bring home 5th place. DeAdre is super excited to be working with the Varsity Crew “Kurfew” she can’t wait to push them to their full potential, as well as Beat Squad #1 class & Urban Troop. This is her third year with us, she’s a talented instructor and we are incredibly lucky to have her.

Ezra Moe

Ezra started his dance journey at 8 years old. Now 18, a dance studio is like his second home. Ezra oozes with street swag and has competitive Hip Hop performance experience locally, nationally and internationally. A current member of Dancebeat Academy’s adult crew AMBUSH and lead choreographer boys crew The Calvary, Ez has been teaching dance for 4 years. His classes are high energy, fun and will most definitely bring our your inner gangsta! Ez also doubles a Graphic Designer to both DBA and Groovit. This guy has many talents.



Maddie is a another one of Groovit’s new Instructors this year but not by no means new to the Groovit Family. Maddie is based out at our Waiuku studio taking Stylee Steps on a Monday, Maddie has been under Caitlin’s mentoring wing for many years as a Student Instructor & now it’s her time to share her craft. Maddie has danced previously in the Junior Ka- Motion crew & now dances in our Elite Varsity crew A-SAP. We are super excited to see heaps of her fresh ideas with her class.



Marquise is a well experienced & educated Dancer/Choreographer, he is a creative genius! We are lucky enough to have Marquise taking two of our Elite crews here at Groovit the Junior crew Ka-Motion & Varsity crew A-SAP, this is his second year with us. We always look forward to what he is going to bring to the table, he always manages to do a splendid job. This year he is also one of the newest members of the incredibly renowned Royal Family. Marquise has plenty of experience up his sleeve being an ex-member of IDCO and the Swagganaughts dance crew, he is a super talented young lad and his students appreciate his wisdom & witty charm.